Brock Adam Leach has more than 19 years of progressive experiences in organizational leadership, with over 10 years of experience in the veterinary and pet service industries. He has repeatedly proven his ability to inspire and coordinate the efforts of multi-functional teams. His skills assist in the development of optimized processes, products, and services that deliver value-centric results to both companies and customers alike. The net result of his efforts routinely contributes to both top-line growth and improved net margins.

Daniel Seeley

Director of Marketing

Seeley is a multidisciplinary designer born and raised in Las Vegas. His creative skills are extensive and holistic, having completed large scale projects in graphic design, branding, digital & print design, web design & development, UI/UX, cinematography, video editing, photography, and marketing. With over 10 years of industry experience and a competitive skill set, Seeley has successfully launched global marketing campaigns for multi-million dollar companies. He takes a unique approach to execute marketing and creative needs, utilizing his keen sense of logic and emotion to create engaging projects and campaigns that appeal to consumers and clients alike.

Brian Odzer

Southeast Regional Director

A big believer in Entrepreneurship, Brian Odzer supports small business owners. He is no stranger to the industry, having spent over 10 years as a successful pet service business owner while managing teams over multiple locations. After accomplishments in the pet service industry, Brian now uses his expertise assisting others to achieve the same success. His varied background in international business, management, operations and entrepreneurship creates the perfect foundation for his role at Pets Wellness Alliance. Passionate about the pet industry and its possibilities, Brian provides operational management services that support our partners, while helping them grow and succeed.

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